About The Volstead Act Company

The Volstead Act Company is a small, independent syrups kitchen that originated in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.

Inspired by premium spirits and prohibition era cocktail ingredients, The Volstead Act Co syrup recipes are crafted to enhance the flavours and textures of the most complex, balanced and quality libations.


The highest quality fair-trade and organic ingredients are sourced locally whenever possible, and impeccable quality control is maintained for each handcrafted batch of The Volstead Act Co syrup bottled. No artificial colors, flavours or preservatives are used. Ever.


The Volstead Act Company’s unique flavor profile is achieved through a time consuming multi-infusion process, creating layers of flavours released one after the other as the temperature of a cocktail evolves.

The Volstead Act Company’s syrups also complement rather wonderfully a variety of non-alcoholic beverages, mock-tails, baked goods, dressings and other culinary delights such as marinades and sauces.

Supporting local talent, local businesses and the local community in Los Angeles is one of the top goals of The Volstead Act Company, and we invite anyone interested in partnering, collaborating, or hosting a bar with us to contact without hesitation! 

Erica Rae Brown, Mixologist

Erica Rae Brown is a bartender based out of Los Angeles, CA. With over fifteen years of experience in every major city on the west coast (and even some smaller ones) Erica brings a wide range of technique and inspiration to her craft.  Erica's career began in the resort towns of North Lake Tahoe and Mt. Hood Oregon.  After a few years, Erica moved to Portland to help open the Alleyway on Alberta and Andy Ricker's Ping. After graduating from design school, Erica then spent a short time in Seattle and San Francisco guest bartending at various venues on Capital Hill and the Castro district. 

Erica has created custom libations for Bar Stella, Yola Mezcal, Brown Bottle Social Club and Black Cow Vodka.

Erica moved to LA in 2012 and was part of the OG Bar Stella crew where she still bartends to this day.  Erica has created custom libations for Bar Stella, Yola Mezcal, Brown Bottle Social Club and Black Cow Vodka. In 2017 she traveled to the United Kingdom and won the Black Cow Gold Cup Cocktail Competition.

Erica has been featured in Timeout LA and Nasty Gal, she is currently working with The Volstead Act Company in creating custom cocktail menu's for public and private events across Los Angeles.