Bitter Lime Naturally Red Peruvian Tonic Syrup - 16oz

The Volstead Act Company

$ 24.99

The Volstead Act Company has created our Bitter Lime Tonic Syrup with manually extracted quinine from naturally red Peruvian Cinchona bark, Certified Fair Trade organic cane sugar, and an intricate blend of organic spices, herbs, fresh squeezed organic lime juice, whole organic lime pods and exotic botanicals. Volstead Bitter Lime Tonic Syrup’s unique flavor profile is achieved through a time consuming multi-infusion process, creating layers of flavours released one after the other as the temperature of a cocktail evolves. Beyond the unique quality and taste, we are so proud of the texture and colour of these handcrafted syrups that we bottle in clear glass.

For a delicious and classic Volstead Negroni, mix 2oz Premium Dry Gin, 0.5oz Lime Syrup, 2oz Sweet Vermouth and 1.5oz Soda Water to a glass filled with ice. Garnish with Lime.

Made from fresh, natural and mostly organic ingredients. No artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives. Contains quinine. 32 servings in each 16oz bottle.

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