The Dresden Restaurant & Lounge - How to have the best night in Los Angeles!

This Wednesday night, The Volstead Act Company and The Dresden Restaurant and Lounge celebrated A Night of Cocktails and Song! 

Resident musicians, Marty & Elayne sang the night away with guest vocalists Zachariah and Hasanna Jackson as The Volstead Act Company presented an ALL NEW Cocktail Menu featuring our Volstead Syrups! 

The new Volstead Act Company menu is FANTASTIC, and on it you will find:

- 5 different types of Mules!! A Moscow Mule, Kentucky Mule, Irish Mule, London Mule and even a Oaxacan Mule with Mezcal!

- Volstead Act Collins! 

- Forgive and Fernet - including Fernet Branca and our organic ginger syrup

- Volstead's Final Word with Dry Gin, Green Chartreuse and Luxardo Liquor

Stop in to The Dresden Restaurant any night of the week going forward and try one of the new cocktails we're offering! Tell your bartender how much you love the new menu and watch us make even more tasty and boozy treats for you!! 

See you there soon!