The Easy Go

Here at The Volstead Act Company, we're a very open team, but there's one thing we absolutely don't agree with; "flavored vodka". Our freshman year at college is long behind us, and our taste in Vodka has become much more refined. Now, when it comes to Vodka, our current local favorite is Vapid Vodka from The Spirit Guild Distillary. Gluten Free, and made from Clementines, this is one vodka who's sunny heritage can be tasted immediately without the fake flavors added. Mix in a bit of Volstead Bitter Lime Tonic, smashed blueberries and lemon juice and watch it come alive! 


The Easy Go

- 2oz Vapid Vodka

- 3/4 oz Volstead Bitter Lime Tonic

- 5 blueberries (muddle)

-1/2 oz lemon juice

Mix and Pour over glass filled with crushed ice

Garnish with 5 Mint Leaves

- Sweet Balsamic vinegar reduction



- Cocktail by Erica Rae Brown

- Photo by Anthony Giovanni