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Volstead Classic Gin and Tonic

Volstead Classic Gin and Tonic

You've already proven yourself as an individual at the top of your class by being on our site and reading our ever growing list of recipes, so we probably don't need to tell you - but there are really only two components to a gin and tonic (unless you count the lime/cucumber).

This means there are really only two ways to screw it up. It's easy enough to avoid a bad gin, just spend more than $12.00 a handle... Bad tonic water, though, is the rule, not the exception. Look at most labels and you'll see our nemesis, cheap high-fructose corn syrup as the first ingredient in almost all of them. There's a better way. Our way. 

The Volstead Classic Gin and Tonic

 -1.5oz Dry Gin

- .5oz Volstead Tonic Syrup

Add Ice and Stir

- 3oz Soda Water

Stir Again

- Lime Wedge




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